What is sculptra?

This is a substance that promotes production of collagen fibers, which has the greatest effect on the fresh and stable appearance of the skin.
We all want to stay with youthful face forever. Tight skin, without wrinkles, without sagging skin and with a fresh and lively appearance.
So there’s definitely something to do to preserve the youthful look. One of the best-known material is – sculptra.
To preserve skin elasticity together with stability and freshness, there is a need for collagen that renews the skin. All these may be achieved by sculptra injections.

Advantages of sculptra injections

At least 4 times more effective in stimulating collagen compared to other biostimulators!

לוגו שמנסה להמחיש טיפול ללא כאב

Pain free treatment

לוגו של אישור FDA

FDA approved

לוגו של לוח שנה המראה 2+ שניים

Results may last up to two years

לוגו של שעון המודד 30:00 דקות

30 minutes per treatment

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Significantly affects the skin
  • Made of materials resistant over time
  • Effects for a long time – at least two years

Unlike other materials, sculptra is a material which stimulates collagen production. In fact it simulates a comprehensive solution at the root of the problem.

Once lost collagen is reactivated, the skin visibility may be significantly affected. For this reason, men and women worldwide choose to use this specific material. The resulting effect is almost immediate and changes may already be visible at the end of the treatment.
The more significant news is that the sculptra is made of durable materials proven over time when we know today that it causes an effect of at least 25 months. This is more than double the time of other options.

Sculptra before and after pictures

Which areas are most suitable for sculptra injection?

We can focus our injections in a number of locations.

  • Face – the facial skin is the one place in your body suffers most from aging damage. With Sculptra use, the facial skin can be restored to its previous and youthful appearance.
  • Hands – the palms of the hands are greatly affected by age and by weather, with the help of sculptra you can give the skin of the hands a smooth and youthful appearance.
  • Stomach – a loose and sagging stomach after childbirth or weight loss diet will return to its place using sculptura and the treatment helps restoring the natural volume of the skin.
  • Neck – the skin of the neck tends to wrinkle over the years and be affected by various environmental factors such as sun, smoking, etc. Using sculptra, the wrinkles can be eliminated and the neck can be restored to its firm and youthful appearance.

How is sculptra treatment actually done?

Sculptra treatment is performed using a cannula. Treatment is less painful that using a regular needle. The substance is injected very gently, when thanks to the cannula there are no subcutaneous hemorrhages or pain in the injected area. Treatment duration is up to 15 minutes.
To maximize the outcome, it is recommended you massage your face for about five minutes every day for several days after the injection. 

How long does it take to see results after sculptra treatment?

The results are clearly visible starting four weeks after the treatment since the body begins to produce collagen fibers immediately after the injection. A few weeks later you can already notice the results.
Two treatments are required, four to six weeks apart. In some cases, additional treatment or a larger amount of material are needed to increase the effect, especially when it comes to mature skin. 

How long do the results last?

According to tests conducted, it turned out that this is a far-reaching effect that may last for two years or more. A test conducted 25 months after the injection, i was found that the collagen amount has remained at the same ratio. 
In fact, 85% of sculpta patients have testified on a significant improvement in their facial appearance.
To continue and enjoy the outcomes over time, it is important that you repeat the treatment approx. two years down the line.

Who is it suitable for?

Sculptra injections are suitable for practically everyone. Both women and men may benefit from the results. People, ages forty and older usually apply when they want to improve their skin texture, firm the facial skin and create a natural volume that was lost over time. 
It is important to consult a doctor before applying for this type of treatment, especially if it concerns people who have various chronic diseases, oncological diseases or liver diseases. So do pregnant women and people who take blood thinning drugs.

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