Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Let us assure you that if you conducted a direct survey with people around you, you will discover what we discovered a long time ago: most people are unhappy with the shape of their nose.
While some choose to stay with their dissatisfaction and we certainly respect that, many others choose the other, so available option: Rhinoplasty (nose job). In fact this is one of the most prevalent surgeries. With us at the TLV Medical center and in general.

Most nose jobs are done for aesthetic reasons, but it is important to remember that the surgery can improve breathing difficulties, and some people undergo the surgery for both reasons. What else is important to know about one of the most common procedures? Here are all the details.

תמונות לפני ואחרי ניתוח אף

What is a nose job?

Our nose consists of bone in the upper part and of cartilage in the lower part. Correspondingly, rhinoplasty (a nose job) can treat the cartilage, bone or both – this is based on the face structure, your dream nose and the professional opinion of the surgeon.
Sometimes it's about changing the size of the nose, sometimes it's shaping/sanding the bone and sometimes it's about sharpening the cartilage at the tip of the nose.
In cases where one of the goals is improving breathing difficulties, the surgery usually includes work on the internal deviating septum. 

It’s very important to note that though this is a relatively simple procedure from a medical aspect, it is very significant from the mental aspect since it is a change that takes place in the front of one’s face and sometimes it is quite a dramatic change.
This is also the reason that though many teenagers may be interested in this procedure – the overwhelming recommendation is not to operate before the nose has reached its maximum size and final shape and this happens in girls around the age of 16 and in boys at the age of 17

How is a nose job surgery performed?

Surgery technique depends of the facial structure, the nose – thickness of cartilage and bone, and of course, the surgeon’s preference.
In most cases the reshaping of the nose is done through a small external incision at the base of the nose, between the nostrils. 
Rhinoplasty is done at the TLV Medical center under general anesthesia, and today, more than ever, men, youth and women elect to undergo this procedure.
When it comes to nose surgery for medical reasons, alignment of the deviated septum separating the nasal cavities is usually sufficient. Of course, many patients for medical reasons elect to combine aesthetic aspects too in the procedure.

Before surgery

Preparations for a nose job surgery begin, of course, with a meeting with the surgeon of your choice. In this meeting, you will receive a comprehensive explanation about the right surgery technique for you, based on a wide variety of different indicators. You will also have to undergo blood tests and may be some other tests and exams, according to the surgeon’s decision.

Post surgery

As discussed earlier, a nose job surgery is relatively easy to recover from, but since this is a significant structure, in the middle of the face – it is not so pleasant for the most parts. In any case, you will come out of the operating room with bandages inside your nostrils to absorb blood and sometimes with a fixation nasal splint. 
Most of our clients are discharged to their homes already on the surgery day, while others are asked to stay one more day for observation purposes.

Rest, post-surgery should be dome with the head a little elevated, to reduce bleeding and swelling.
Of course, after this surgery you should avoid any aerobic activity, as well as from wiping your nose, or any other effort. If you wear glasses you will need to stop for a few days, as the pressure on the nose is not recommended.
We should hardly mention it, but here it is anyway: Do not give up applying a particularly high sun protection factor sunscreen every exposure to the sun during the first year. The skin is healing and exposing it to the sun unprotected may cause pigmentation.

Nose job surgery - possible complications

As in any surgical procedure, a nose job surgery is not free of possible complications.
However, of course, the choice of the surgeon has an effect on the possibility of complications in every aspect . In any case, you will receive a detailed explanation and methods of prevention from us before and after the surgery, on each of the possible complications.
Possible complications:

  • Difficulty breathing through the nose.
  • Permanent lack of sensation in the nose and vicinity.
  • Possibly a none uniform looking nose.
  • Pain, change of coloring or swelling that may persist.
  • A puncture in the deviating septum.
  • A need for corrective surgery.

Our operating theaters

TLV Medical Center includes large, specious and well equipped operating rooms with the most advanced technology. As a private medical center which has pledged excellence and professionalism, we are committed to providing our patients the best service at every step in the process, and adherence to this pledge is uncompromising. 
The medical center is authorized by the Ministry of Health and operates with backup of a public hospital. The operating theaters management team includes the medical director, the anesthesia director and a nurse in charge of the operating room. The work procedures and standards applied on site are among the highest striving to guarantee our customers the most professional and safest care.

The surgeons performing this surgery.

One way or another, do not weigh your options alone. Our doctors who specialize in breast reduction surgeries are among the experts in their field and will be happy to advise you personally on what is suitable, what you should do and when.

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Alshvilli, Gabriel, MD

Specialty: Ear nose an throat specialist with a sub-specialty

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Dvir Yaacov, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

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Ram Silfen, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

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