Liposuction surgery

The desire (or dream) to undergo liposuction surgery almost needs no explanation, we will probably not be exaggerating, to say that most of us would be happy to have a body with correct proportions and nice contours. So it's true, you can achieve good outcomes with a healthy lifestyle including regular physical activity and maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy weight, but sometimes all these are not enough.

And this is precisely where liposuction surgery comes in, as it can be used to sculpt almost any area of the body for a dramatic improvement in the overall appearance.
But we should say it straight away: Liposuction surgery does not replace a well-planned, healthy, process of weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Liposuction surgery – no matter how successful it may be – will not maintain its outcomes if you do not adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
Having said that, we can move on to all the important details you should know about the procedure in order to make a decision.

What is liposuction surgery?

Liposuction surgery is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess fat deposits in different body areas. In general, liposuction procedure is done together with many other plastic surgeries such as arm lift, tummy tuck and other procedures, as it is almost always a significant tool for the best aesthetic outcomes.
Liposuction as its own procedure usually refers to the buttocks, hips, waist and abdomen, where the procedural improvement is the most significant of all other cosmetic procedures.

How is liposuction surgery performed?

Today there are quite a few liposuction techniques, including suction using a cannula, with the help of a laser, ultrasound, and more. 
The variety of techniques is designed to adapt to the different body areas as well as to different patients. During the consultation with the doctor of your choice, can hear and ask about the right surgical technique for your goals.
In few words: A small incision is made near the treatment area through which the fat is sucked out it.

Before surgery

The preparation for surgery starts, of course in a meeting with the surgeon of your choice. In this meeting, you will receive a comprehensive explanation about the preferable surgical technique, based on the quality of your skin, the distribution of subcutaneous fat, body structure, weight, and other parameters.
You will also have to undergo blood tests and may be some other tests and exams, according to the surgeon’s decision. 
In most cases, you should stop smoking and taking food supplements and blood thinners approx. two weeks before the surgery. You will receive the exact instructions from us.

Post surgery

Recovery from liposuction surgery is usually quite easy. You will leave the operating room with pressure dressings that aim to perform the final tightening of the skin and of course to relieve the swelling.
Most sutures used are of the dissolved type, and need not be removed..
Edemas, subcutaneous hemorrhages and pain will pass on their own after one or two weeks.
Most likely that the instruction will be to avoid showering for 24 hours and to wait with physical activity – certainly strenuous one. 
Of course you will receive the exact instructions for you – including pain relievers and various ointments – in full.
We assume that like most of our patients at the TLV Medical center, you will be able to return to work and an almost full routine within one week to 10 days.

Liposuction surgery - possible complications

As in any surgical procedure, a liposuction surgery is not free of possible complications.
At the same time, of course, the choice of the surgeon from every aspect has an effect on this possibility. In any case, you will receive a detailed explanation on each of the possible complication, and methods of prevention before and after the surgery

Possible complications:

  • Unsightly scars
  • Lack of symmetry
  • Lack of sensation
  • Infection
  • Bleeding and hemorrhages – that are not diminishing and/or increasing
  • Edemas – not disappearing after 4-6 months
  • Venous thrombosis
  • Necrosis

Our operating theaters

TLV Medical Center includes large, specious and well equipped operating equipped with the most advanced technology. As a private medical center which has pledged excellence and professionalism, we are committed to providing our patients the best service at every step in the process, and adherence to this pledge is uncompromising. 
The medical center is authorized by the Ministry of Health and operates with backup of a public hospital. The operating theaters management team includes the medical director, the anesthesia director, and a nurse in charge of the operating room. The work procedures and standards applied on site are among the highest striving to guarantee our customers the most professional and safest care.

Additional questions

With your permission, let’s start with who is not. The surgery is not suitable for people who are very overweight (suction of a large amount of fat is dangerous for health) or who are in the process of weight loss that has not yet ended. 
We want to highlight what was said earlier: Liposuction surgery is designed to sculpt, and shape selected body areas, but certainly cannot replace maintaining a balanced weight, a healthy diet and, of course, physical activity.
In addition, it’s preferable to undergo the procedure when the skin in the designated liposuction area is still flexible enough to recover successfully and reach the desired outcome. Mostly these are people in younger ages (40-50 at the latest), but you can definitely come for a consult at any age – who knows, perhaps your skin is still elastic enough, even if you are older.

If we said that the main goal of liposuction is to create a more correct proportion for the body (or face), then it’s usually true for the areas of the body that do not respond to diet or exercise – the waist, abdomen, thighs, as well as the neck, chin, arms, or chest. 
The rule of thumb says: Liposuction is done in the focal areas where fat deposits that could not be eliminated with any other means remain.

The advanced techniques available today certainly minimize the duration of the liposuction recovery process, and are certainly designed to reduce the swelling, pain and discomfort accompanying any surgery. 

Of course, the doctor’s surgical skills have a decisive weight also on the recovery process.
Quite a few of our patients return to their daily routine after a few days only, while following the surgeon's instructions (compression dressing, avoiding physical activity for a short period, etc.).
In many cases, the scars too will become almost invisible about a year later.
Basically, it's up to you and it's a good thing. Important to understand: Fat cells removed from the body will not return. But – and this a big BUT – Weight gain (certainly a big gain, but also a small one) can lead to accumulation of fat deposits in other locations of the body. And then you might find yourselves with no abdominal fat, but with fat deposits on your back.
If you maintain a healthy weight and body – your outcome will keep.
There is some pain, but it’s tolerable, and mostly feels like muscle cramps in the operated area. If the pain becomes stronger, you can always ask us to prescribe stronger pain killers.
Most patients report sensation of heaviness, swelling and discomfort. Most of these will be gone in a few weeks.

In practice there is very little in common between the two surgeries.
In fact, these are very different surgeries. Liposuction surgery usually targets reducing the amount of fat deposits in the body. During such surgery – which takes less time than a tummy tuck – the fat is sucked from the body.
Tummy tuck surgery, on the other hand, is done by tightening the muscles. It’s true that liposuction is usually performed during tummy tuck procedure. However, the goal is not the same and certainly nor are the techniques performing the procedure.
By the way, many times a tummy tuck surgery is performed following liposuction surgery to complete the picture and remove excess skin left after the suction.
This is a good question, since the final look is not obtained immediately after surgery. You can see general contours after a few weeks, while the final outcome is fixed usually after 3 months.
Scars may take longer to heal, though it very much depends on the skin type, the patient's age, and the treatment of the scars after surgery.

The surgeons performing this surgery.

One way or another, do not weigh your options alone. Our doctors who specialize in breast reduction surgeries are among the experts in their field and will be happy to advise you personally on what is suitable, what you should do and when.

תמונה של דוקטור ד"ר אמיר עינבל

Amir Inbal, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

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Tali Friedman, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

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Eran Hadad MD

Specialty: Plastic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר אורן וייסמן

Oren Weissman, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר רוית ינקו

Ravit Yanku, MD

Specialty: Plastic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר רם בורבין

Ram Burvin, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר רם סילפן

Ram Silfen, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר יואב ארוש

Yoav Eros, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר תמיר שי

Tamir Shay, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר יונתן ווגמן

Dr. Jonathan Wagman

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

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