Inpatients’ rooms

TLV Medical | Operating theaters

Our operating theaters at – TLV Medical Center are the center‘s beating heart. 
Great operating rooms must meet strict criteria combining between advanced technology, smart human engineering, sterility, and safety.
Indeed, these operating theaters were specially designed to benefit the procedures performed at the center, and thus for the medical staff these operating theaters constitute one of the most advanced working environments available.

Along with this, we constantly make sure to keep up to date with the front line of instruments and the best medical equipment, to meet the expectations from a private medical center with uncompromising standards.

Our operating room teams are skilled in working together and operate under the highest work practices in order to guarantee the best and most correct treatment for you.

Immediately after the surgery, when patients leave the operating rooms, they are received in the recovery rooms, where they stay under medical supervision and receive personal attention and close monitoring to the last detail.
Once the patient is stable, they are transferred to the department so they can rest and be ready for either discharge or continued inpatient stay..

TLV Medical | Inpatient Hospitalization rooms

Hospitalization following a medical procedure requires across the board comfort and 360 degrees convenience for the patients and their families, while honoring the requests and requirements of each patient.
And in fact, out inpatient hospitalization rooms at the TLV Medical center were designed to provide service at a particularly upscale hotel level, which enables our patients to experience a beneficial and pleasant recovery.

We are committed that our patients will receive the best medical service throughout their stay with us, when post-surgical recovery constitutes an inseparable part of this service. 
Therefore, out inpatient stay rooms are pleasant, specious and provide you with a unique hospitalization experience:

A private room
A suite
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השאירו פרטים ונחזור אליכם בהקדם​