Facial contouring

What is facial contouring?

Non-surgical facial contouring is a unique method that allows any person to shape their face and create a younger, more attractive look. A look to give the desired appearance, boosting self-image and self-confidence.

What treatments are included in face contouring?

There is almost no area of your face where you cannot intervene and sculpt to your liking. Let us explain a little about the most common areas where it’s acceptable to intervene and redesign:

  • Forehead – a wrinkled forehead can be treated with Botox. We may also use hyaluronic acid. Peeling for the forehead may also be effective since peeling reduces wrinkles and skin damage. Wrinkles may also be treated with autologous fat, filling the depressions, and smoothing the forehead appearance.
  • Temples – over the years the temples appearance deflates. They can be filled with autologous fat or use other fillers.
  • Eyebrows – eyebrows lifting is done either with Botox or with threads inserted through the hairline.
  • Cheeks – cheeks can also be reshaped with hyaluronic acid, and the skin texture in the area can be improved using peeling or Profhilo. We can also use threads and lift the cheeks.
  • Nose – You can lift your nose with threads, you can also sculpt your nose with various fillers such as hyaluronic acid or with Ellanse. These materials are considered effective and durable for a period of one to four years depending on the chosen material. (Hyaluronic acid is effective for about one year and Ellanse is effective for up to four years)
  • Lips – there is a way to fill the lips and shape them with hyaluronic acid. The fine lines around the lips may be reduced with Botox or alternatively, by peeling.
  • Chin – chin hollows can also be closed with Botox. It is also possible to pull forward, sculpt, change and affect the shape of the chin using Ellanse or hyaluronic acid

The facial treatment revolution, from the past to the present

The facial treatment revolution around the world
In the pastAt the present
ComplexityComplex and riskyGentle and much less invasive
PainPainful surgical procedures requiring rehabilitationMuch less dangerous and painful treatments
OutcomesDesired outcomes were not always achieved and could not be correctedImproved outcomes Also, current outcomes may be corrected.
ProcedureComplex surgeries under general anesthesia

Options of re-suctions and re-injections until the desired look is achieved.

Facial contouring was considered in the past as very complex and very risky. It is done on the operating table in painful, complex and risky surgical procedures. The desired outcomes were not always achieved, and they could not be corrected after it was done. Unless the patient comes back to the operating table to reshape the already reshaped, in the hope that this time it would meet his/her requirements.
Today the story is completely different. The Treatments are much gentler, much less risky, as well as much less invasive. We know that today we can influence and change the outcomes of a treatment using re-suction and re-injections until the desired look is achieved.

It is understood that the desired results can be achieved only if the treatment is performed by a specialist doctor in the field, who has the ability and the professional knowhow to perform the treatment so that the desired results are obtained.

Face contouring by Dr. Jonathan Wagman

Dr. Jonathan Wagman He is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Dr. Wagman specializes in aesthetic non-surgical treatments performed without surgeries, as well as surgical intervention. This includes aesthetic injections using innovative methods, while maintaining extremely high standards.
Dr Wagman has particularly vast experience in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery when he served as a combat military doctor (military Major), a Medical Officer in one of the elite units, and then served as a doctor in the plastic surgery department at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center.

Advantages of non-surgical facial contouring

There is no need for complex surgeries, complicated or risky treatments and general anesthesia (which is dangerous by itself) for this purpose.
The advantages of these treatments is also in the bottom line outcomes. These are really excellent outcomes when it is often possible to correct deformities, lack of symmetry or any other problems because after all, these are injectables and not surgery.
As long as the procedure is performed by expert professionals, the outcomes will even exceed the patient's expectations.

What materials are used for non-surgical facial contouring?

The materials used today mainly for non-surgical facial contouring are hyaluronic acid, sculptra and bio-stimulators harmonica.

What is so special about sculptra?

At least 4 times more effective in stimulating collagen compared to other bio-stimulators!

לוגו שמנסה להמחיש טיפול ללא כאב

Pain free treatment

לוגו של אישור FDA

FDA approved

לוגו של לוח שנה המראה 2+ שניים

Results may last up to two years

לוגו של שעון המודד 30:00 דקות

30 minutes per treatment

Sculptra is a material that promotes reproduction of collagen fibers. The material contributes to skin visibility and gives it stability and elasticity. Our skin requires high levels of collagen fibers to maintain its natural, health and fresh appearance. This is what this material does. It improves visibility of the facial skin and grants it with elasticity and beauty.

Facial contouring VS Wrinkle blurring

Various treatments can be performed to eliminate wrinkles, usually it's done by injecting hyaluronic acid or using Botox. The obtained outcomes are very impressive, when suddenly a person seem ten or even twenty years younger. 
Facial contouring must be done professionally by a specialist in the field that can assure high quality and beautiful results. Despite the fact that the products are not hazardous, and the procedure is relatively superficial, still, it requires a lot of expertise and experience to lead to the desired results without distortions, without asymmetry and of course without the development of various side effects such as infections and the like.

Facial contouring VS face lift

Unlike facial contouring, face lift is a “lifting” treatment. Lift the eyebrows, lift the nose, reduce drop of the cheeks, stretch skin folds, stretch the neck and the jaw line.
Risks and side effects of facial contouring
As mentioned, there are many methods for facial contouring, when some have more risks and side effects than others. We will review the possible side effects here.

  • Botox – at times, no reaction to treatment Sometimes the result will not be symmetrical, there will be droopy eyebrows or eyelids, there may be hemorrhages and even the rare event of facial muscles temporary paralysis.
  • Fillers – the injection of the various fillers may also lead to a non-symmetrical effect, development of infections, hemorrhages, skin necrosis and even blindness. (Rare)
  • Threads – the use of threads may leave stretch marks behind, cause infections, paralyze the facial nerves, and also cause asymmetry.
  • Peeling – may leave scars, facial redness, discoloration in patches and skin bleaching.

Facial contouring for men also

Many men are not happy with how their faces look, and they too can benefit from the various methods of facial contouring. The outcome is usually impressive and effective and contributes a lot to improve the man's self-confidence.

How long does a non-surgical facial contouring treatment take?

Facial contouring treatment is not long, usually no more than one hour of treatment will be required for each area, and the effect will last anywhere between several months to years depending on the fillers' choice. In most cases you can start enjoying your outcomes between a few days to two weeks from the treatment.

Is the treatment painful?

Facial contouring treatments are usually performed under local anesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain, and once the local anesthesia fades, you can take pain medication, when the pain diminishes in a few days.

Images before and after – Sculptra.

Doctors who perform non-surgical facial contouring

תמונה של ד"ר יונתן ווגמן

Dr Jonathan Wagman

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

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