Face lift surgery

Face lift surgery

It is true that today, more than ever before, we are faced with quite a few non-surgical options, all designed to restore a younger facial appearance, but it seems that those who wish to receive the most significant change that aesthetic medicine has to offer, choose to undergo a face lift surgery.
The most common phrase we get here at the TLV Medical Center is “Not only I look younger, but I also look better after surgery.” 
What else you should know about one of our most popular aesthetic procedures? All the answers are here.

מטופלת אשר שירטטו לה על הפנים מידות לפני מתיחת פנים

What is a face lift surgery?

As years go by and as we grow older, several things happen at the same time and they all have a similar effect on the appearance of your face: Skin quality decreases and it loses its elasticity and thickness, collagen and elastin levels decrease and the facial tissues lose their volume.
The result of all of the above is laxity, folds and excess of skin- mainly in the lower part of the face and around the mouth, but not only there. 
Face lift surgery, therefore, is an aesthetic procedure designed to stretch excess skin, tighten it and sculpt facial contours with the intention of creating a young and fresh appearance of the face and neck, while maintaining a general natural and vital appearance.

How is face lift surgery performed?

As always with us, the final course of the surgery is determined individually for each patient depending on their skin type, wrinkles situation, patient expectations and more. Still, we can say that this technique is performed as follows: Incisions are made in hidden locations (usually at the hairline and/or in front of the earlobe) through which the skin of the face is separated, the soft tissues are lifted, the excess skin is removed and after shaping and adding fat (if necessary) everything is sutured together while shaping the contours. 
In most cases autologous fat is injected to restore lost facial volume. The fat is usually taken from the thighs and abdomen areas (in unnoticeable small amounts in the areas where it was taken).

Before surgery

Preparations for surgery naturally begin with a meeting with the surgeon, in this meeting you will receive a comprehensive explanation of the surgical technique that is right for you, based on the quality of your skin, its thickness, its texture, the distribution of the subcutaneous fat, the nature of your wrinkles and their shape, and of course, your health and general physical condition.
You will also have to undergo blood tests and may be some other tests and exams, according to the surgeon’s decision. 
As is customary before many elective surgeries, the patient must stop taking anticoagulants as well as natural food supplements approx. two weeks before the surgery and must stop smoking in the weeks before, as well as after surgery, as smoking may impair the necessary blood supply.

Post surgery

24 hours from the end of the surgery, you can already shower with lukewarm water, and it is even advisable to wash your hair to properly treat the surgical wounds. 
We recommend taking a 10 – 14 days long sick leave, to allow your body its necessary rest. And in fact, 2-4 weeks after surgery you can already go back to normal activity, however during the recovery time you should avoid any strenuous activity.

Face lift surgery - possible complications

As in any surgical procedure, face lift surgery is not free of possible complications.
At the same time, of course, the choice of the operating doctor from every aspect has an effect on this possibility. In any case, you will receive a detailed explanation on each of the possible complication, and methods of prevention and treatment before and after the surgery.
Possible complications:

  • Unsightly scars
  • Lack of symmetry
  • Lack of sensation
  • Infection
  • Bleeding and hemorrhages – that are not diminishing and/or increasing.
  • Edemas – not disappearing after 4-6 months.
  • Venous thrombosis
  • Necrosis

Our operating theaters

TLV Medical center includes large and specious operating rooms equipped with the latest technology. As a private medical center which has pledged excellence and professionalism, we are committed to providing our patients the best service at every step in the process, and adherence to this pledge is uncompromising. 
The medical center is authorized by the Ministry of Health and operates with backup of a public hospital. The operating theaters management team includes the medical director, the anesthesia director and a nurse in charge of the operating room. The work procedures and standards applied on site are among the highest striving to guarantee our customers the most professional and safest care.

The surgeons performing this surgery.

One way or another, do not weigh your options alone. Our doctors who specialize in face lift surgery are the specialists in this area ad will be happy to advise you personally what is suitable for you, what is worth doing and when.

תמונה של ד"ר רוית ינקו

Ravit Yanko, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Mohs surgeon

תמונה של ד"ר ערן חדד

Eran Hadad MD

Specialty: Plastic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר ליאורה הולנדר

Liora Hollander,MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר רם סילפן

Ram Silfen, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר אבישי וינברגר

Avishai Weinberger, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר יואב ארוש

Yoav Eros, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר דביר יעקב

Dvir Yaacov, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר יצחק מאייר

Bajer Itzhak, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר תמיר שי

Tamir Shay, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר יונתן ווגמן

Dr. Jonathan Wagman

Specialty: Plastic surgery

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