Eyebrow lift surgery

Just like almond shaped eyes, that continues upwards towards the temples, is considered to be a code for beauty, so is raised eyebrows – that continue rising from the mid-brow upwards – These are pretty desirable. 
But that is not all. Eyebrow lift surgery can usually give a solution for people who want to separate from the tired, heavy and sagging look of their face – which happens to most of us at a certain age.
And in fact, eyebrow lift surgery is one of the most common aesthetic procedures in recent years, often combined with an eyelid lift to achieve a fresh and youthful appearance. What else should you know about the process and how does it work at TLV Medical center? Here it is.

תמונה של בחורה לאחר ניתוח להרמת גבות

What is eyebrow lift surgery?

Removal of excess sagging skin and muscle of the forehead and eyebrows repositioning targeting correction of deep forehead wrinkles and reshaping the appearance of the eyebrows.
Eyebrow lift surgery leads to a less sullen or worried look, the eyes appear more open and the face, gain a relaxed and fresh look. People looking at you will not always point out the change, and will only mention that you look better, as if you just came back from a great vacation. 

It is important to note that when it comes to such a delicate procedure, which will largely determine the first impression you make on people, you must choose a specialist surgeon who is an expert in the process, who both understands the intricacies of facial anatomy and also knows a great deal about proportional aesthetics. After all, one cannot redesign the eyebrow structure without taking into account the eye structure, the age of the patient and even the hairline.

How is an eyebrow lift surgery performed?

There are several techniques for this surgery and these are adjusted to the patients according to their skin type, age and facial structure. If, for example, the eyebrow lift is combined with an eyelid lift surgery – which happens many times – it is customary to 'use' on the same incisions. In other cases, the incisions are made at the hairline and the eyebrows are raised while excess skin is removed. These are the leading techniques and the one that suits you precisely will be specified by the surgeon.
Even when the goal is to tilt the eyebrow, the operation is performed in a similar way, meaning using the same techniques. 

Before surgery

The preparation for surgery starts, of course in a meeting with the surgeon of your choice. In this meeting, you will receive a comprehensive explanation about the surgery technique most suitable to you, based on a variety of data to be examined while listening and highlighting your goals. You will also have to undergo blood tests and may be some other tests and exams, according to the surgeon’s decision. 

Post surgery

Eyebrow lift surgery where recovery is usually easy and usually after a few hours of observation you will be discharged to go home.
Cold compresses will help handle the hemorrhages and slight swelling that may accompany this surgery. In addition, it is advisable to give your body its much needed recovery and rest, so accordingly – do not perform any strenuous physical activity in the days after surgery, and do not wash your hair for the first two days. 
You will receive the exact instructions for you – including pain medication and various ointments – from your attending doctor and team.

Eye lift surgery - possible complications

As in any surgical procedure, an eye lift surgery is not free of possible complications.
However, of course, the choice of the surgeon has an effect on the possibility of complications in every aspect. In any case, you will receive a detailed explanation and methods of prevention from us before and after the surgery, on each of the possible complications.
Possible complications:

  • Unsightly scars
  • Lack of symmetry
  • Lack of sensation
  • Infection
  • Bleeding and hemorrhages – that are not diminishing and/or increasing
  • Edemas – not disappearing after 4-6 months
  • Venous thrombosis
  • Necrosis

Our operating theaters

TLV Medical Center includes large, specious and well equipped operating rooms with the most advanced technology. As a private medical center which has pledged excellence and professionalism, we are committed to providing our patients the best service at every step in the process, and adherence to this pledge is uncompromising. 
The medical center is authorized by the Ministry of Health and operates with backup of a public hospital. The operating theaters management team includes the medical director, the anesthesia director, and a nurse in charge of the operating room. The work procedures and standards applied on site are among the highest striving to guarantee our customers the most professional and safest care.

Additional questions

How long does eyebrow lift surgery keep?
The facial skin differs from one person to another, and so will the outcome of the surgery and how will it keep? But don’t worry: Usually, it's an aesthetic change that remains for many years.
Still, you should consider that time stops for no one and so do the changes in our faces over time. That includes the forehead tissues.
A healthy lifestyle including physical activity, a balanced diet, sunscreen and quitting smoking will only do your body good – including your facial skin.
Can we combine it with an eyelid surgery?

The surgeons performing this surgery.

One way or another, do not weigh your options alone. Our doctors who specialize in breast reduction surgeries are among the experts in their field and will be happy to advise you personally on what is suitable, what you should do and when.

תמונה של דוקטור ד"ר אמיר עינבל

Amir Inbal, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר אורן וייסמן

Oren Weissman, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר דביר יעקב

Dvir Yaacov, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר ליאורה הולנדר

Liora Hollander,MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר יואב ארוש

Yoav Eros, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר אברהם אמיר

Avraham Amir, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר אורי מרמור

Uri Marmor, MD

Specialty: Oculoplastic surgery. Field of specialization

תמונה של ד"ר תמיר שי

Tamir Shay, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר יונתן ווגמן

Dr. Jonathan Wagman

Specialty: Plastic surgery

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