Arm lift surgery

Bat wings, curtains, salt-pepper shakers… there are so many nicknames for this part of the back arm, the part that hardly anyone doesn't see loosening at one point or another in life.

Although excess skin sagging in this area is very common even when there is excess weight or in a significant weight loss, but certainly not only. 

In fact, many women who have a normal and balanced weight and who engage in regular physical activity reach a certain age and find that almost no matter how much they train – the back arm gets depleted.
It is not surprising, then, that arm lift surgery that makes your arm slimmer and shapelier is one of the most common in our -TLV Medical center. Not just with us, by the way, this is one of the most common procedures worldwide. What is important to know about the requested procedure? All the details are here.

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What is an arm lift surgery?

Arm lift surgery is a surgical procedure designed to reshape and sculpt the upper arm, usually in combination with liposuction from the area while tightening the excess skin starting at the underarm and at times extends to the elbow (hence the image of bat wings).. 
Excess skin occurs for many reasons: Decrease in muscle mass, drastic weight loss, body structure and natural maturation. As mentioned, almost everyone gets there, sooner or later.
In fact, it is one of the oldest procedure in the field of plastic surgery when every year hundreds of thousands of people choose to undergo it.
It’s important to note, in most cases scars remain that extend along the back arm – in the place where the excess skin is located – so if you are bothered by scars should take this into consideration.
In cases where the excess skin and fat are not large, a scar in the underarm only can be considered.

How is arm lift surgery performed?

The incisions for the arm lift surgery go lengthwise in the inner-back part of the arm. An experienced surgeon knows how to adjust the shape of the incision to the body structure so that the scars are as less noticeable as possible.

Before surgery

The preparation for surgery starts, of course in a meeting with the surgeon of your choice. In this meeting, you will receive a comprehensive explanation about the preferable surgical technique, based on the quality of your skin, the distribution of subcutaneous fat, body structure, weight, and other parameters. You will also have to undergo blood tests and may be some other tests and exams, according to the surgeon’s decision.

Post surgery

The recovery from arm lift surgery is usually easy. You will come out of the operating room with bandaged arms, for the final tightening of the skin and, of course, to alleviate the swelling.
Most sutures used are of the dissolved type and need not be removed.
Edemas, subcutaneous hemorrhages, and pain will pass on their own after one or two weeks.
Most likely that the instruction will be to avoid showering for 24 hours and to wait with physical activity – certainly strenuous one. 
Also, with stitches and elastic bandages on the arms, it is only natural to feel restricted in movement, and in any case, you should not make large gestures or sharp movements.
You will receive the exact instructions for you – including pain medication and various ointments – from your attending doctor and team.
We assume that like most of our patients will be able to go back to work and almost full activity in approx. one week to ten days.

Arm lift surgery - Possible complications

As in any surgical procedure, an arm lift surgery is not free of possible complications.
However, of course, the choice of the surgeon has an effect on the possibility of complications in every aspect. In any case, you will receive a detailed explanation and methods of prevention from us before and after the surgery, on each of the possible complications.
Possible complications:

  • Unsightly scars
  • Lack of symmetry
  • Lack of sensation
  • Infection
  • Bleeding and hemorrhages – that are not diminishing and/or increasing.
  • Edemas – not disappearing after 4-6 months.
  • Venous thrombosis
  • Necrosis

Our operating theaters

TLV Medical Center includes large, specious and well-equipped operating rooms with the most advanced technology. As a private medical center which has pledged excellence and professionalism, we are committed to providing our patients the best service at every step in the process, and adherence to this pledge is uncompromising. 
The medical center is authorized by the Ministry of Health and operates with backup of a public hospital. The operating theaters management team includes the medical director, the anesthesia director and a nurse in charge of the operating room. The work procedures and standards applied on site are among the highest striving to guarantee our customers the most professional and safest care.

Additional questions

Why does excess skin occur in the back arm area?
It is usually cases of massive weight loss, especially if it is not gradual and/or not combined with specific exercise for the area. At the same time, genetics, and aging – which decrease the skin elasticity, cause muscles to loosen – are equally common causes.
It is important to note, at times patients come to us wish to remove excess skin, however in reality, it is a large amount of fat tissue – which can sometimes be removed through liposuction surgery.
An experienced plastic surgeon knows how to diagnose the source of excess skin and recommend the most appropriate procedure.

The surgeons performing this surgery.

תמונה של דוקטור ד"ר אמיר עינבל

Amir Inbal, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר טלי פרידמן

Tali Friedman, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר אברהם אמיר

Avraham Amir, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר רם סילפן

Ram Silfan, MD

Specialty: Plastic and aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר תמיר שי

Tamir Shay, MD

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

תמונה של ד"ר יונתן ווגמן

Dr. Jonathan Wagman

Specialty: Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

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